Sabtu, 23 Januari 2010

Wave and HSW presentation

this presentation is about how people can walk accross hot embers.
many people thought it was done by magic, but in this presentation, i'll tell you how people can walk accross those hot coals based on physics. It's actually depends on poor conductor, very good insulation, short time span and some tricks.
- The ashes always covered the coals, this is make the insulation.
- The wood that burned down into lightweight carbon structure are very poor conductor.
- And by walking briskly accross the hot embers make your feet doesn't have enough time to get burn.


It'll motivate you, no success can be done by magic, but it always accomplished by sacrifice and hard work.... and after you apply to your life... you can do anything even a magic..

this is some presentation about wave, like the definition about wave from the older post, and this is the presentation

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